Become fearless, fit, flexible, empowered educated and witness as you evolve. Practice low impact movement, yoga, breathwork and meditation anytime anywhere.

Take the YOGA CHATEAU studio experience with you where ever you go with my uniquely curated yoga, meditation, breathing practices and effective low impact workouts. These practices will help you build a deeper connection with yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. What ever the season you are in, you will find movement or stillness practices to enhance your over-all well being. Learn tools to help nurture your stress levels and create freedom within.


With over 100+ practices to choose from

NEW exclusive practices added regularly


2 Vinyasa Yoga style practices to explore
Sweet Slow Flow + Abundant Flow


 Meditation + Breathing

+ Yoga Nidra 

Yin Wisdom


Pilates/Yoga flows  Suitable for pregnancy postpartum season bodies or a rehab body.

All practices varying in duration and intensity.

Learn more about Simmy’s flow styles here.

Your meditations have been an amazing help and a savior for me in feeling safe and guiding me during a difficult, disconnected, and emotionally abusive environment. I am telling you this to share how deeply grateful I am to you for the amazing work you do. Hearing your voice constantly helps to calm and lead me to a place of peace and hope while in chronic flight/fight. You truly are an earthly angel, and I thank you.

I’ve listened to your nidra for a few nights in a row, and wow, it has really helped with my insomnia.

Thank you.

I start all wound up and literally drift off at the end.

It’s crazy.

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