Wellness at Work


Welcome to Yoga Chateau Digital Desk Membership.
Invest in your people’s health & wellbeing today for a calmer more resilient work place environment.

With my uniquely curated yoga, meditation, breathing practices and low impact workouts,
the whole ecology of your business will be radiating with precision and clarity.

These practices will help support your team members to build a deeper connection to themselves and others around them.
Whatever the structure / style of your company your team will learn tools to nurture their stress levels, build resilience and calm their nervous systems in times under pressure.

Each yoga and meditation practice varies in duration and ability levels. So members can easily take a 10 min meditation / breathing break or
30 min yoga practice throughout their work day.

YCD Desk Membership is suitable for everyone, anywhere, with lots of alignment and breathing cues to guide beginners to experienced levels. There’s even practices for expecting Mummas.

The soul of your business will become aligned with its values by honoring your people’s health and wellness.

What you will get:

 NEW exclusive practices added monthly


2 Vinyasa Yoga style practices to explore
Sweet Slow Flow + Abundant Flow


 Meditation + Breathing

+ Yoga Nidra 

Yin Wisdom


Awake series pilates/yoga flow

* All practices varying in duration and intensity. 

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3-Month Corporate Packages

Please steep a little while here in this

12 minute guided meditation…

Designed to ease a turbulent mind and calm the central nervous system while taking a breather from your day. Just like closing the tabs on your computer, we must take the time to do this for the mind so we are able to perform at our best. 

This is small offering of what is available in YCD Desk Membership for your people.