1x whole organic cooked chicken
1xbig bunch kale
4x carrots
2x courgette s
1x onion -(  I don’t add onion tho )
3x celery sticks chopped
1/2 head broccoli
1 tsp chilly flakes or fresh chilly
1x tinned tomatoes
Dash s & p
1/2 C cashews


Add 6 C water to a large pot. Throw in whole chicken – bones n all then add all veggies into water.
Bring to boil then add tinned tomatoes and cashews last.
Simmer 30-45 mins

Pre soak rice noodles in boiling water 3 mins. Drain in cold water.

Serve soup over hot noodles for a mouth watering experience. Fresh coriander on-top is beautiful also.

Freeze any extra for lunches or dinners when you’re a bit Mother Hubbard or can’t be faffed cooking.