I’m Simone LAWRY & I LOVE.

Coffee, dancing, peppermint oil, ocean dips, sunshine, wearing no bra, reading, the sound of shoes crunching on gravel, breathing, the smell after it rains, laughing, crystals, noses, bush walks, infrared sauna, dark peppermint chocolate, hugs, the sound of Om, sleeping, discovering a new city, body oil, language, brussel sprouts, sex, the human mind, strawberries,  posture, the smell of diesel, peppermint tea, palo santo, being passionate about ALL The Things.

About ME.

Simone (Simmy) Lawry grew up in a rural small town Greenhithe, exploring the forest with her cat, rabbits and goat. Eating the peaches from the neighbour’s trees. The eldest of 3 girls. Listening to the sounds of Deep Purple, Simply Red, Fleetwood Mac & Margret Urlich.

Obsessed with dance, movement and music at the age of 4. Expressing herself through rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. Representing New Zealand at the Australian Championships. Winning the New Zealand Rhythmic Gymnastic Nations at the age of 12. A girl who only had boys as friends at school. Struggled to find her peers, always feeling different from the rest. Always being told she was bossy. Obsessed with love beads, crystals, Pearl Jam, Oasis  & Madonna. Smoking pot and not following the rules seemly drifting as a free spirit but with a determined purpose. Always having the highest of respect to humans that inspired and harnessed her innate wisdom to be herself.

At the age of 16 she began working from a hair studio, interacting with adults, expressing her creativity on people’s heads. At the end of college unsure of what to do, or be, or study – she began what would be a 15-year world exploration. At the age of 19 she left for North Carolina, USA to work as a Camp Counsellor. Which then took her live in Sydney, experience London, Spain, Paris, Italy, Thailand, Bali, Peru, Bolivia, Ireland, Amsterdam, Dubai.

At the age of 25 a dear friend took her to her first yoga class. This was IT. The beginning of the true, raw unfurling of what her life would be. The breath work, the movement, the focus and grounding that came from the practice was electric. The more she practiced the more real happenings in her life off the mat occurred. Having progressed with her hair and makeup career, working from studios in Auckland and Florida she took the deep dive into the freelance world. Creating her own small boutique studio. Working in the film and television industry, advertising and developing a hair and makeup education business with her soul sister Nessa Warne.

Her career as a carer and creative artist always came back to matters of life, spirituality, movement, health and wellbeing. It was always asking her to let it become ALIVE. So in 2017 she started her journey of becoming a yoga teacher. Studying Baron Baptise and Meghan Currie. Being lit up by Denise Ferguson, Michelle Allen, Nicky Harris and Kirsty Van Dergeer. The learnings of her own journey has enabled her to witness the effects on her mindset, soul-set and heart-set. Knowing that the skills and education she has absorbed and experienced on herself work and have saved her in many ways.

In her own words she is adaptable, moody, fair, honest, determined, creative and a rebel. Her highest of purpose is to be of service to all the beings.



  • Step into your power  – Yoga teacher training 200 hours
  • Canterbury, New Zealand
  • Facilitator – Baron Baptise


  • Yin & Charka Healing workshop – 1 Day Workshop
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Facilitator – Faye Lawland


  • Space of Potency Breathing, The Deep Steep Yin, The Journey Vinyassa, Dimensions of Listening – 3 Day Workshop
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Facilitator – Meghan Currie


  • Tantric Meditation & Breathin, Tantric Philosophy & Tools, Tantric relationships – 1 Day Workshop
  • Auckland, New Zealand
  • Facilitators – Adele Kinghan, Sarah Hon


    • Heal Your Back, Celebrate Your Practice, Luminous Core – 1 Day Workshop
    • Auckland, New Zealand
    • Facilitator – Ana Forrest


    • Reiki Energy Healing L1
    • Usui Reiki Ryoho, Degree Shoden
    • Reiki Master/Teacher – Pamela Rolfes


    • Reiki Energy Healing L2
    • Usui Reiki Ryoho, Degree Okuden
    • Reiki Master/Teacher Pamela Rolfes

    I always feel like my body is more supple and stronger afterwards, and my busy mind feels more settled. She often reads a meaningful verse at the end which is a lovely way to finish. I also love the music played during a class. The whole package makes me feel rejuvenated and I’ve struggled to find another teacher as effective – someone with that ‘magic touch’!

    Kim, mother of two

    Simmy has the kind of voice, direction and encouragement you want when you practice. Her pearls of wisdom and connection to her own practice only encouraged me more. Thanks Simmy for enlightening me after each session!

    Mother of three, owner of Interior Design Company

    Approximately 18 months ago a very good friend of mine Simone talked me into trying a yoga class. I was in a stressful job and overweight and hence not in a particularly healthy place. Thanks to Simone’s encouragement I persevered with the classes as well as doing hot Pilates on a regular basis. Yoga and Pilates now form part of my life to which I commit 1 hour per day every day to doing at least 1 class. I am now 20 kgs lighter than I was 18 months ago and also am in a healthier frame of mind. Thanks Simone

    Father of four, Managing Director