Yoga Offerings


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I’m so excited to connect with you in studios again, NAMASTE


Monday & Weds 6.15pm VINYASA 

Friday 9:30am VINYASA




One : One yoga/wellness sessions crafted and designed to nurture & enhance your physical & emotional wellbeing.

Choose from either ~
 Sweet Slow flow, Abundant Flow
Yin wisdom, Meditation, Breathing

Or I can concoct a taster for you.

60 mins $120 + travel
(couples or 2 people same price)

Corporate Wellness / Mental Health Awareness

Corparate Speaking
Birthday celebration
Hens dos

1 hour POA + travel if out of Auckland. Each session can be crafted to suit your needs.

I have been working with Simmy who has guided, encouraged and supported me through my yoga practices and meditation in both private and group sessions, teaching me to slow down and be present not just in my practices but in everyday life.

Simmy is extremely inspiring and empowering in her yoga teachings and meditation practices – a complete natural.

Thank you so much Simmy for sharing your passion and positive energy which shines through in every single one of your practices. Keep shining, you’re amazing.


Cacao & Zazen 

WINTER Solstice – YIN & Cacoa

Friday 21 June  



Yoga House Orewa

An evenings to open your heart as we celebrate Winter Solstice. Deeply relax, reconnect to self and experience the healing, loving spirit of Yin Blend Cacao. We will share the heart opening elixir of Mama Cacao drink under the luminosity of the Moon followed by Yin Yoga. With the spirit of the plant medicine in your being you will have a heightened sense of awareness, focus and intensified sensations, a perfect place to begin your meditation practice -if you’re wanting to learn. During this peaceful practice you will have the opportunity to journal any insights, release any seeds you know longer wish to sow & allow any tension, blockages or limiting mindsets to melt away.  Woven with Reiki Healing and Yoga Nidra (yogic deep sleep) to close the evening, you will witness your spirit blossom into all the infinite possibilities within you and the universe.


Bookings are limited in prepartation of the  products 

Please wear soft loose clothing and avoid eating a big meal before hand. We provide yoga mats & props. No experience is required, if you are pregnant or have any heart conditions please let me know. I will adjust your cup & Yin practice.

Payment – head to SHOP and book in

Address: 498 Hibiscus Coast HWay, Orewa 

Benefits of Sacred Cacao Ceremony


Cacao may help you find mental clarity & balance within. Like a buzz or a hummm your skills, talents and creative flame will be revealed or reignited.


Cacao can open the heart & allow you to connect with yourself & others in a deeper, more loving way.


Cacao enables you to conncect with your inner spirit & wisdom, allowing for more profound meditation. Bringing your awarness to the present moment, remedying your body, mind & soul.


The spirit of Cacao is said the show you where your heart chakra is blocked. This plant medicine is a gentle teacher & does not force you into healing. You will become aware of things that have been keeping you from living your most JOYFUL EPIC LIFE , you will recieve love, strength & LET GO.


The teeny tiny amount of caffeine in Cacao helps boost energy & mental clarity.


Cacao can calve the way towards inspiration, creativity & NEWNESS. You’ll find your life will being to flow with ease.


Cacao raises your energy vibration, lifting the sticky, stagnant sensations & heaviness of everyday life. You will experience yourself becoming more ENERGY and less matter. Feeling a peaceful perspective during times of stress & hardship.


Cacao contains neurotransmitters & chemicals repsonsible for wellbeing as well as anandamide, known as the ‘bliss molecule’ that leaves us feeling euphoric. Moderating pain perception, assisiting in regulating appetite & mood.

Powerful aphrodisiac, packed with antioxidants

Theobromine naturally lowers blood pressure & can decrease cardiovascular disease.

Reduces blood pressure & enchances digestion.


My first personal experience with Cacao was in 2008. I travelled solo through Peru & Bolivia with a group of 12 strangers from across the world. It was the most enduring yet heart opening overseas journey I’ve ever experienced. Sickness from backpacking a 3rd world country, the dry, cold climate and high altitude was challenging. We became very close & formed some life long friendships over our bumpy ride oh so bumpy! We hiked the Inca trail, climbed the Andes – Huayna Picchu, explored ‘the lost city’ Machu Picchu & Ollantaytambos ancient ruins, learnt about the ancient Inca tombs & their Mummies, floated on the Uros Reed Islands. We traveled for miles & miles along flat desert roads blinded by the stand storm winds. We stayed the night at the dreamy desert oasis Huacachina & slid down peach and raspberry coloured sanddunes. We visited the worlds highest lake, lake Titicaca. Here we learnt what life was like as an Inca & experienced their magical energy through dancing, singing, ceremony of drinking Cacao (chuncho) that night we slept in a hut on stilts on a bed made of straw. The stars oh the stars that night, where luminous celestial twinkles saying woweee in a celebration of life. In the middle of an ancient land with no electricity the darkness was engulfing in a wonderful way. Incas are the most joyful little humans (short in build) wearing bright colours, seemly hopping or running everywhere.  This experience has inprinted in my soul forever. Drinking the sweet nectar of Peruivian Cacao has opened my heart to their ancient wisdom & the history of the generations that have gone before them.

* Payment is required before event starts via bank transfer only. No refunds. Non transferable to any other event.