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Infrared Sauna TAPAS- meaning heat in Sanskrit

    Your experience will be 45 mins (150deg, 100% infrared intensity) this includes a cold shower apres.

    $30 per session

    Please bring:

    • 2 towels – one to sit on and one to shower 
    •  Water bottle


    • Remove all jewelry & makeup before your sauna
    • Please hydrate yourself before you arrive. Beautiful rain water will be offered with added minerals.


    • Please wear felt hat during your infrared sauna to protect your brain, hair and keep the air around your head at a comfortable temperature which allows you to remain in a little longer
    • The sauna has Bluetooth so if you’d like to listen to your own music/podcast that is available or I’ll have reiki sound therapy music playing for your calming experience

    Infrared Sauna Benefits…

    • Balances your hormones by eliminating hormone-disrupting toxins and taking a load of the liver to encourage hormone metabolism
    • Healing muscle recovery by improving your circulation. Infrared wavelengths penetrate the body to create heat, which creates profound therapeutic benefits. They increase blood flow to the muscles, delivering more concentrated oxygen, which creates more energy to heal.
    • Improves joint mobility and stiffness as well as general aches and pains due to conditions such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis and general body aches n pains.
    • Elevates your mood through the release of endorphins
    • Raises your metabolic rate to encourage healthy weight management because you are sweating, fat deposits are burned.
    • Instead of undergoing extreme physical activities, you just have to sit down and get the same great results.
    • Also helps reduce the formation and appearance of cellulite.
    • You can burn up to 600 calories in 1 hour in the infrared sauna, provided you sweat profusely.
    • Improves skin texture and quality through circulation boosting effects which provide oxygenated blood and nutrients to skin cells (you’ll notice a beautiful glowly luminosity to your skin)
    • Supports your immune system by raising core temperature which induces a fever-like effect that fights off existing infections . Raising body temperature powerfully assists the body to kill bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses. Many people cannot get rid of chronic infections because they have a low body temperature.
    • Common sites of infections are the sinuses, ears, eyes, bladder, throat and intestines.