Meditation & Breathwork

To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.

-Eckhart Tolle

Breathing Practice

I believe in our daily lives we not only need nourishment from good foods and quality sleep. We need to look beyond these essential requirements to rituals that can provide us with support during our productive, full filing days and sometimes long nights with our wee ones.

In yoga, we use our breath to increase vital energy and life force. We usher & strengthen this flow of  energy (prana) through the practice of conscious breathing. Did you just take a big breathe in and out ……..mmmmmmm didn’t that feel good?

By learning to move the prana through the body we can learn to relax when we’re in a state of stress.

I find pranayama provides me with the highest of support when I’m practicing yoga but also when I’m feeling stressed, rushed or anxious. I’m able to address challenging situations with greater ease while nurturing my body and mind.

Tapping into pranayama, sitting or laying in silence can be the most profound ritual. I also love to practice breathing while immersed in cold water. This elevates and awakens me when there’s a dull low vibration lingering. Flooding the brain with fresh oxygenated blood stimulating the ‘happy’ hormone dopamine.

When you take a deep inhale and exhale you become aware of the present moment- physically and mentally. The ability to consciously regulate your breath allows the body to leave a state of stress and enter into a state of CALM.

Breathe brings your attention to what is important NOW. When you are focusing on your breath you are controlling your anxiety, thoughts and emotions and not letting it control YOU.

Knowing that this precious life source is accessible anytime, it can become your greatest tool.

You will be able to live from a place of being the observer , witnessing the present moment. If you ever feel overwhelmed or disconnected from your heart mind /body mind. Sama Parvitti practice will provide you with steadiness and support you as you move from a place of ‘fight flight’ sympathetic nervous system, to calm ‘rest and repair’ parasympathetic nervous system.

I find the effects of Sama Paravitti to be very grounding.  When I was experiencing Panic Attacks and Vertigo a few years ago I would go out into Mother Nature , press the soles of my bare feet into the dewy morning grass and sit in Malasana (squat) low, stable centre of gravity and breathe.

Below you will find a step by step guide for you to return to when ever you desire my friend. Ensure your breath is full, whole and round. Moving in a 3 dimensional yummy motion. Imagine your breath is like a jelly fish gliding through the deeps of the ocean, graceful and fluid.

  1. Find a comfortable seated position that elevates the hips above the knees. You can sit on a blanket, pillow or in a chair to support the diaphragm to be open for easier breathing. You may also do this practice lying down for greater ease.
  2. As you settle in, begin to notice your natural inhale and exhale. Notice the length, the sensations in the body and how the breath is flowing. Notice the transition between the inhale and exhale.  If there is tension in your breathing, see how you can llow the breath to be quiet, gentle and smooth between the transitions.
  3. Then, start to count the inhale. Breathe in slowly for four steady counts. Gently turn to exhale, breathing out for four steady counts. Continue this for several rounds.
  4. If this counting feels too short, slowly start to increase the count working your way up to a steady count of 10 (ie. breathe in for 6, out for 6, breath in 8, out 8, breath in 10, out 10). Only go to a count that you maintain comfort and ease in the body and mind.
  5. Do 10 rounds of this breath at a gentle pace, continuing to relax the effort and remaining present. If you lose count, simply begin again.
  6. As you finish your practice, let the breath return to normal. Notice the peaceful changes in your body and the mind with the rhythmic, balanced breathing.

Meditation Practice

Meditation is the journey of YOU.
Imagine taking a few minutes every day to contribute to your own healing and wellness.

Science has proven that meditation will sharpen your mental focus and lead you towards a more tranquil open perspective.

Your meditation practice will help to navigate the challenges of your life with fluidity and ease. You will be able to release the old tired shitty seeds that are no longer serving you.
Meditation allows us to process and digest any information being held in the body-mind, which would be disturbing your optimal flow of energies.

Meditation teaches us to be more adaptable and raises our understanding to a new level. Bringing into our forefront the effervescent glow of seeing and BEING.
Amplifying our kindness, joy, compassion and invites our finest awakenings, to reveal our thinking ways and our habits.

Meditation raises our vibration (energies in motion) to cultivate a positive landscape within. Diving deeper into all the spectrums of you. Moving us to discover our mind set, heart set, soul set capacities in any one day, moment by moment.

Meditation allows us to connect deeply to our experiences, environments, humans, animals, Mother Nature and the season we are in. This becomes infections and shines onto our family, friends, loved ones, our community and the world we live in.

13 Minute meditation practice

Listen & absorb as you are pottering around the house, taking a drive, waiting for someone or sitting in stillness.

My wish is that it provides you with joy and peace in your day.