The key to our well-being lies in our cells, specifically in a process called redox signaling. Redox signaling molecules, produced in every cell, act as messengers and activators.

These molecules are crucial for balancing oxidative stress caused by environmental factors. As we age and face more stress and toxins, our body’s ability to maintain this balance declines, affecting immune function, cell renewal, and healing. Researchers, including ASEA, have developed patented technology to replicate these vital molecules externally, countering the effects of aging and environmental stress.



–  My SIBO has gone, I can now eat gluten foods & eggs HUGE WIN for me
– Coughs and colds disappear and recover much faster, don’t develop into green mucus
– Skin has healed and no more nasty breakouts, even skin tone 
– If the kids are unwell I’ll dbl my dose so I’m feeling stronger & won’t catch their bugs.
– Cuts, bites, stings, grazes heal super quick, no infections develop
– No bloating or pain in tummy
– Ulcers in the mouth and teething babes
– Coldsores don’t break out as frequently and if they do the cellular healing won’t let them multiply
– My hair has grown so much the past few months, even my eye brows
– Feeling really well overall, energy levels and clarity are high

– Used Renu 28 Gel on my dog bite injury and it healed the hematoma quickly

My family and I take this magic daily. If you’d like to order I’d love you to use my link below.

I’m taking personal single 1L bottle orders, for pick up only. Email me to place your order by 25th of each month.

Pick up Whangaparoa Auckland.


doTERRA Essential oils has been a household tool within our family for many years. My 1st discovery being Tea Tree oil for its antifungal, antibacterial qualities. Using Mother Nature to heal and support our well being is such a powerful ritual to have at your finger tips. Using essential oils daily offers your nervous system a smooth ride. I use oils as my perfume, on my children, add to the diffuser in my studio, drop into the bath in the evening, rub on souls of my feet and add to meals . Doterra also offers a huge varitey of other products deodorant which I use daily, body creams, shampoo, lip balms, wellness suppliements and more.

Doterra is known for their commitment to sourcing and producing oils sustainably and ethically.

If someone was to ask me my absolute favourite oil it would be Peppermint. ‘A Bouant Heart’. Peppermint invigorates body, mind amd spirit and reminds us that life can be happy and doesnt need to be controlled by fear. I place it on the back of my neck in the soft gummy spot for awakening and cooling, inhale in palms of hands for revitalising and optimism and while I’m teaching yoga, meditation and breathing for reflief and relaxation. I like to call it Peppy Crac!!

I use Neroli as my perfume daily as seen in the image, it comes in an easy to apply roller bottle. No endocrine disrupting. It is not overpowering, more subtle and sexy citrius notes – an uplifting calming aroma.

In the evenings apres face cleanse I use 2 drops of Vanilla Madagascar and good ole fashioned Olive Oil on my skin, dewy and hydrated. My husband loves the aroma too. Unisex vibes.

I’d love for you to experience this plant healing medicine, browse the catalogue below then please contact me and I can order what you’d like and answer any questions.

Orders are placed monthly and need to be with me by 14th of each month.

Happy Bum Co

Our mission at Happy Bum Co is to shine a light on the taboo topics of gut health and remove the fear and stigma that commonly surrounds using enemas, going to the toilet and “butt stuff”. We want to raise awareness about the benefits of enemas so people who are suffering can get the relief they need. To the people out there who are living in constant pain – we feel you. And we can help.

We truly believe that enemas and our approach can help anyone. No matter what it is that you are suffering from, detoxing and enemas can help. We also believe that laughter is the best medicine, and in order to heal you must believe it is possible. That why we aim to make detoxing fun and your Happy Bum Bag something to be proud of.

We hope that our stylish kits strip away the fear and embarrassment you have around using enemas so that you can feel confident to discover the benefits of detoxing on your wellness journey.

We know anything new can be daunting to start, but we aim to educate, inspire, support and empower all of our Happy Bum’s to let go of their fears and live a healthy life, free from pain and suffering.

“Healing can only happen when we believe it is possible”