About Yoga

Simmy’s teaching are authentic & powerful.

She has this innate ability to usher you in to yourself, encouraging you to become the artist and scribble out side the lines and regulations of who you think you are. Always welcoming in newness and the learnings of Mother Nature.
Her guidance is clear and precise. She will offer the highest of support and motivation, reminding you that your state of being – mentally, physically and spiritually will change each day and that’s ok.

Abundant Flow.

A textured, juicer flow vinyasa which will leave you feeling calm, awakened & embodied. This class is dynamic, increasing your lung capacity and connection to your limbs in space. You will build strength and flexibility while gaining a deeper understanding of your pure genius body, through breath and movement.
Classes vary in duration anywhere from 20-55mins to a carefully curated playlist found on Spotify.

Suitable for intermediate /beginners levels.

Sweet Slow Flow

This yoga practice is steadier in pace with 3 connecting breaths in between each vinyasa (sun salutation) with an emphasis on alignment & breathing. Offering modifications for injuries or postpartum bodies . Each asana (pose) is held for a 2-3 breath cycles. 

Suitable for newbeez/all levels.

Yin Wisdom

Yin Wisdom is the deep steep quieting of the mind and body.
Each asana (pose) is held 3-5 mins depending on the asana.
The entire practice is on the floor.
We use props to get you all cosy and supported.
It can be intense but fear not you will be improving your flexibility nourishing your joints and easing the busy fluctuations of your mind.

Throughout your class you will be releasing a tight fibrous tissue called ‘fascia’ . This tissue is wrapped around your muscles and bones. You will be improving your whole range of motion.

A wonderful practice to include in your week on a rest day from Vinyasa yoga, HIIT, running, cycling or strength training.
Every class includes pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

60-90 mins practice to truly dive deep into the unravellings of you. A luxurious class, creating harmony in body and mind.