Yoga Chateau Digital

Honouring your journey in wellness. Let me be your mindfulness motivator. Become fearless, fit, flexible, empowered, educated and witness as you evolve.

One thing we all have in common is change. It doesn’t matter who you are – the season you are in. You will shapeshift and you have the choice to adapt and grow.

From experience I know that growth requires tools to help you evolve. That is why I have created this space for you to come anytime – from my heart to yours.

I have experienced dealing with debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. I have gone through financial ruin, adrenal fatigue, crippling back pain, 2 pregnancies and most recently close to my heart post natal depression.

My deep passion of seeking and understanding root cause for the dis- ease and with my education on mind/body connection through  my yoga teachings, meditation, breath work, movement practices has helped me to facilitate healing and optimal health

Understand that healing is hard but with these rituals you will learn to own your experience and authentically define the changes you want to see in yourself and in the world. With JOY and a calmer state of being.

Welcome to becoming more of YOU.

One Deep Breath